An Introduction of Concord University College Fujian Normal University

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Concord University College Fujian Normal University(CUC) was established jointly by Fujian Normal University and the relevant enterprises which was approved by Fujian provincial government and Ministry of Education,People’s Republic of China as an independent university college that offers undergraduate education and issues bachelor degrees in 2003. The college enjoys great reputation and was awarded “Top 100 Best Independent University”, “National Advanced Independent University”, “One of the Greatest Brand Value Independent University” and so  on.

CUC is located at the University Town, Shangjie, Fuzhou, Fujian province, the campus covers an area of 1000 acres. The college consists of 6 departments(Department of Cultural Industry, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Information and Technology, Department of Global Trade and Business, Department of Economics and Law, Department of Management)  and 1 institute of International Education which together offer 30 undergraduate programs and 2 international undergraduate programs. These programs cover subject areas in literature, science, engineering, economics, law, management, etc. and the scale of students is approximately 12,000. The college boasts to have more than 700 professional teachers and over 30% of whom are associate professors, national or provincial teaching prize receivers. On the connotation construction of subject areas, Advertising, Electronic Information Engineering,Network Engineering, International Economics and Trade, Electronic Business, Business Administration, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing have been awarded as Provincial Characteristic Professionalism or reform experimentation programs. In the aspect of research, CUC not only has accomplished 3 National Education Reform Programs, over 200 provincial programs and projects but also achieved 3 Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement award and 5 Provincial Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award which have helped to establish our leading place among the dependent universities in the province. Meanwhile, the college is conducting cooperation in education with a number of universities in UK, America, Australiaand has become one of the teaching centers of SQA HND Program of Scotland at the end of 2008.Up till now, CUC has been organizing numbers of students to visit and study in UK, Australia, Japan and Taiwan.

The college has been forging ahead and making remarkable achievements. Focusing on cultivating “solid foundation, high quality, competent skill” practical talents under the demanding background of regional economic and social development as well as the emerging industries of strategic importance, CUC has dedicated itself in the development of Culture Creativity, Information Technology, Economic and Trade Management subject areas. Currently, the college is running research centers like “Fujian-Taiwan  Culture  Creativity  Industry  Research  Center”,  “Research  Center for Fujian Medium- sized  and  Small  Enterprises”  and  proves  to  be  member  of   “National Applied Technology University Associations”,  “Fujian Games and  Animation Industry Associations”, “Fujian Games and Animation By-products and New Media Industry”. In co-operations with enterprises such as  “Alibaba(China)Education Technology  Co., Ltd.”, “Fujian Electronic Information Corporation”, “Fuzhou Mawei Internet industry Association”, “Yahua Corporation”, “NetDragon Websoft Inc” in talent cultivation, CUC has established a steady and profound partnership relations. And the university Entrepreneurship Training Base, Business Incubation Base and Startup Industrial Parks have been unanimously acknowledged and highly appreciated by superior leaders, experts and parents. All the practical practice above has ensured our students’ receiving thousands of awards home and abroad and more  than 93% employment rate.

In the future development, the college will integrate and implement high-quality educational resources home and abroad, strive for a high level, well-run, unique, national famous independent  university and contribute to the construction of Taiwan strait west coastal economy region and Fujian Free Trade Zone.