Students of Department of Foreign Languages won the first prize in  National Business English Practice Contest

12 02, 2021

A group of 5 students from DFL got the third highest score and thus won the first prize in the final round of Yixue Cup National Business English Practice Contest 2021. These prize winners are Chen Siyao, Hu Qinyou, Shen Jiafan, Qiu Ping and Lai Qiuxin; their instructors, Mr. Shi Weiming and Ms. Lin Meimei, also won the titles of Excellent Instructor.

The competition is consisted of two parts: an on-line test of theoretical knowledge and a speech contest themed with Collaborative Symbiosis of Enterprises in the Digital Era. The on-line test covers knowledge of business English, foreign trade, operation of foreign trade documents, cross-border e-commerce and cross-cultural communications while the speech contest requires the competing teams to give feasible advices for the development of a certain enterprise based on their all-round survey of the enterprise. Students have to answer the questions from the judges after the speech. The team of DFL excelled in every session of the competition and won unanimous recognition of the judges and the audiences due to their solid and adequate preparation.

The contest is the most comprehensive and complex event of all English contests because it tests the comprehensive abilities of students and requires long-term involvement. This year’s contest is co-organized by National College Student Alliance for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practice and Fujian Yixue Education Technology Group Co., Ltd, and the final contest was carried out in Heilongjiang University. Contestants of the final come from 48 colleges and universities including Sichuan International Studies University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Jiangxi Normal University.