About CUC

8 25, 2018

Concord University College Fujian Normal University (hereinafter referred to as the“CUC”), jointly established by Fujian Normal University and relevant enterprises and institutions, is an independent college approved by Fujian Provincial People’s Government in May 2003 and recognized by the Ministry of Education as one of the first batch of independent colleges in December 2003. Asa higher institute that offers full-time undergraduate programs, CUC has won aseries of honors as one of “China’s 100 Advanced Independent Colleges”,“China’s Advanced Independent Colleges”, “China’s Independent Colleges of Brand Value”, “National Model Homes of Workers”, “Advanced Grassroots Party Organizationes in Fujian Province”, and “Advanced Youth League Branch in Fujian Province”.

Thevicissitudes in its century-old history notwithstanding, a fine scholarlytradition has been inherited and sustained by generation after generation ofits faculty and students. Adopting the homonymous name of Fukien Christian University, a forerunner of Fujian Normal University, CUC inherits and carriesforward the excellent traditions of former Fukien Christian University and hasdeveloped a school motto of “forging ahead with great virtues and striving tobecome stronger through extensive learning”. Relying on the quality educationalresources of the century-old Fujian Normal University, CUC actively cultivatesurgently needed application-oriented innovative talents through new mechanisms,new systems and new modes.

Locatedin Xuefu Nan Road, Shangjie University Town, Minhou County, Fuzhou, CUC coversan area of over 1,000 hectares. Backed by the lush Qishan Mountain, the Xiyuan River passes through the campus, providing CUC with beautiful environment andrich cultural atmosphere. Equipped with complete teaching, experimental,cultural, sports and living facilities, CUC, nicknamed as “academic villagesurrounded by hills and steams”, is a modern, networked, garden-style collegewith rich culture and healthy ecosystem.

CUC,leveraging on the preponderant disciplines of Fujian Normal University, strivesto create featured and model programs. At present, CUC has 8 teaching unitsincluding Department of Cultural Industry, Department of Foreign Languages,Department of International Business Studies, Department of InformationTechnology, Department of Economics and Law, Department of Management, Schoolof Marxism and Institute of International Education, offering 35 undergraduateprograms in such subject areas as liberal arts, science, engineering,education, economics, law, management and fine arts and two internationalundergraduate education experimental classes. CUC now has approximately 12,000full-time students.

CUCimplements the strategy of reinvigoration through human resource development.By making full use of the flexible mechanism of independent college, CUC hasbuilt a well-structured faculty team with capabilities, devotion and passion,to ensure CUC’s quality teaching. Its faculty consists of over 600 full-timeteachers, over 30% thereof are full or associate professors. Among such a poolof excellent talents, there are two experts for “New Century Ten Million Talent Project” in Fujian Province, one “Leading Talent in Philosophy and Social Sciences”in Fujian Province, two “Distinguished Teachers” in Fujian Province as well astwo outstanding teachers and one outstanding teaching group at provincial level.

CUChas been actively promoting teaching and research. Currently, CUC boasts onenational quality course, 10 provincial quality courses, and over 30 projectssuch as provincial application-oriented disciplines, programs with distinctfeatures, comprehensive reform pilots for undergraduate programs, innovativepilot zones for undergraduate talent training mode, higher education innovationand entrepreneurship education reform project, and university service industrybranded specialties. Five CUC-complied and co-complied textbooks have beenlisted as the national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” teaching materials. CUC has twoNational Natural Science and Social Science Fund projects, and more than 200scientific research projects at various levels (including over 30 key projectsat or above the provincial and ministerial levels). CUC has also won sixprovincial social science outstanding achievement awards and six provincialhigher education teaching achievement awards.

Adheringto the student-oriented educational philosophy, CUC strives to ensure thatevery Concord student can “find gains, use and value in their knowledge”. Withthe goal of cultivating talents with “a solid foundation, a high quality and astrong ability”, CUC believes in the harmonious and comprehensive developmentof knowledge, capability and quality, the organic bond of practical skills andresearch ability and the integration of professional education and liberaleducation. CUC boasts a full credit system featuring a flexible length ofeducation, elective courses and a major/minor system. Students are allowed todecide their own length of education for earning credits and can apply forgraduation in any academic year within the flexible credit system after earningrequired credits. The talent training quality of CUC has been continuouslyimproved and more than 1,000 awards in various international, domestic andprovincial competitions have been won by our students. CUC graduates in thepast years boasted 93% at least in one-interview employment rate, ranking topamong the independent colleges in Fujian Province. As a result, CUC was awardedthe “Advanced Institution for Employment of College Graduates in FujianProvince”.

Locatedin the economic zone on the west side of the Taiwan Straits and with itsadjacency to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, CUC, by bringing itsgeological advantages into full play, actively carries out foreign cooperationand exchanges to create a “green channel” for students to study abroad. Atpresent, CUC has carried out exchange activities and has established friendshipwith many universities in foreign countries and Taiwan. In 2009, CUC wasofficially recognized as an overseas instruction center for Britain’s HigherNational Diploma program (SQA HND program), the first among all independentcolleges in China. Since then, exchange students have been sent to the UnitedKingdom, Australia, Japan and Taiwan.

Lookinginto the future, in order to cultivate high-level talents for economic andsocial development and adjust to the strategic requirements for moderatelyadvanced development of higher education, Concord University College FujianNormal University, as a growing college, while keeping a foothold in Fujian andserving the west side of the Taiwan Straits, takes it as a duty to meet theneeds of students to learn and succeed and to cultivate urgently neededhigh-level talents. By assembling and optimizing quality educational resources withinand outside the school, CUC has formed its own distinct features in scientificresearch, talent training, and social services. CUC is striving to make ahigh-level, distinctive, first-class and nationally-recognized independentcollege in Fujian Province and makes contribution to the modernization ofhigher education and the construction of new Fujian.