CUC Held Matriculation Ceremony and Launched Military Training Program for 2019 Freshmen

09 08, 2019

On the morning of September 8th, CUC held a grand opening ceremony in the indoor track-and-field ground of Qishan Campus, Fujian Normal University for 2019 freshmen, announcing the begin of a new academic year and a military training program. More than 3500 incoming undergraduates attended the ceremony, embarking on a new journey as a member of CUC.

The ceremony started with the national anthem of China. Then President Zhang Huarong made a speech to welcome the freshmen and expressed his sincere gratitude to the parents and teachers of the new students for their efforts in raising and cultivating the youth. Mr. Zhang also pointed out that this year marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of China, so students should embrace the goal of national rejuvenation and work hard in their best years of youth. He hoped that students could integrate their ambitions with patriotism and work practically and perseveringly so as to make progress and contribute to national development. The ceremony concluded with the alma mater of Fujian Normal University.