The CUC “Belt and Road” Chinese Culture Experience Class Opens

10 26, 2018

On the afternoon ofOctober 25, the “Belt and Road” Chinese Culture Experience Program jointlyrganized by the CUC and the Polesskiy State University in Belarus opened inthe sixth conference room. Hushcha Pavel, teacher representative together with 7visiting students of PSU, administrators of CUC including Zhang Huarong, ChenXiaobin and Wang Jin'an, heads of relevant departments and student volunteersfrom CUC participated in the opening ceremony.

The “Belt and Road”Chinese Culture Experience Program is the first foreign exchange event carriedout by CUC in the form of Chinese culture experience classes. Lasting for 12days, this Program offers courses for teachers and students from PolesskiyState University on Chinese literature, history, art and sports. Moreover,participants will also visit Fuzhou historical and cultural resorts and teaindustrial parks to experience Chinese culture.

At the opening ceremony,President Zhang Huarong expressed warm welcome to the 8 teachers and studentsfrom afar on behalf of CUC. He said that China was vigorously promoting foreigncultural exchanges and the exchange and integration of Chinese traditionalculture with world culture. The diplomatic relations between China and Belaruswas established 26 years ago; with the launch of the “Belt and Road”Initiative, the relationship between the two countries has entered a new stageof development. He hoped that the two countries can continue to deepen thecooperative relationship and achieve fruitful cooperation results through this“Belt and Road” Chinese Culture Experience Program.

Hushcha Pavel said thathe hoped to strengthen the friendship between the two countries through thisactivity, and to further deepen the cooperation between the Concord UniversityCollege and the Polesskiy State University by learning and understanding theculture of the two countries. Subsequently, the seven visiting studentsintroduced themselves and expressed thanks to CUC.

At the end of theceremony, the two sides exchanged cultural souvenirs. President Zhang Huarongwished the Chinese and Belarusian students would build friendship, gainknowledge and have a happy time in the program, and serve as envoys forcultural exchanges.

After the ceremony, eightteachers and students from Belarus visited the campus under the guidance ofstudent volunteers and participated in the “Icebreaking” event, officially launchingtheir 12-day Chinese culture experience class.

Last year, CUC and PSUestablished cooperation mechanisms in academic exchanges and teacher training,and have thus maintained close communication. In November 2017, Oliga, VicePresident of PSU, led a delegation to visit CUC. A CUC delegation lead byadministrators Zhang Huarong, Huang Junxing and Wang Jin'an visited PSU. FromJuly to August 2018, 19 teachers and students from the Institute ofInternational Education, CUC visited PSU for exchange study.